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Valuing Fractional Interests in Real Estate 2.0

Book cover

This is the only book that combines the real property appraisal and business valuation discipline technologies into one cohesive methodology. It is your single, most comprehensive resource for mastering critical, multidisciplinary valuation challenges:


  • Complete, authoritative guidance on exactly how to value fractional interests. Includes two complete case studies with detailed report text and special conditions guidance on 22 challenging circumstances.


  • A helpful, annotated 225-word glossary of key terms originated in professions and across multiple standards.


  • The perfect combination of theoretical and practical to address virtually all fractional interest valuation needs.


  • Keep your knowledge current and gain an edge in the courtroom.


  • Offers theoretical and entirely practical solutions that will resolve questions about methodology, authority, and why your process is directly relevant to the case's facts & circumstances.

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