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Dennis Webb’s
Multidisciplinary Guidance & Insights Newsletter #3


I am delighted (and proud) to announce a breakthrough in fractional interest valuation software, PrimusPVX, your Partner Value Expert. Finally, a comprehensive and easy-to-use valuation platform that can analyze and value all types of undivided interests in real estate.

It is the first software of its kind. There has never been anything like it.

Fractional interest valuation is demanding because it involves multiple valuation disciplines. This means that the practitioner needs to know the right questions to ask in multiple valuation languages, including the ones for which he or she does not have the requisite training and experience. This arrangement has unfortunately created blind spots with critical implications. Until now.

The good news is that PVX now resolves this dilemma by presenting the right questions in an organized format that is easy to follow, educational, and comprehensive. Its algorithm relieves the practitioner of computational tedium, while offering databases and models that can otherwise be a challenge to implement.

PVX is the key to fast and high-quality valuation understanding, analysis and results.

I was able to create PVX because I am trained and professionally designated in both real property appraisal and business valuation, and because I have been practicing fractional interest valuation for 25 years. I speak both languages, and I know where the blind spots are lurking and how to find them.

I came to realize after years of study and practice that it would be possible to write software that would value fractional interests. It became a dream of mine from that point, and over the ensuing years I first made the valuation process straightforward with what I call version 2.0, and was then able to engineer a complete algorithm. Software development began in 2015, and the application is now ready for your use!

PVX works with your real estate appraisal. It is set up as a stepwise checklist on a dashboard, guiding the valuer to ask the right questions, which means finding all of the important facts and circumstances concerning the property and the ownership position. The valuer then makes appropriate adjustments to reflect risk, time and the other elements that affect value. Everything needed to support the valuation is built in. If you need to know more about a specific topic, instructional depth is provided through links to the online textbook. Your guidance is complete and documented.

The advantage of the algorithm is that it is able to incorporate very sophisticated models, transfer functions and databases, which relieves the valuer of the normally tedious and time-consuming parts of the process. Bear with me here… Now with the difficult parts out of the way, the valuer can focus on recognizing the facts and circumstances of the case—real estate, financial, ownership structures and risks, partition and the various restrictions placed on the subject interest-holder—can have the valuer’s full attention. The methods used in PVX are transparent and understandable since its algorithm is based on the income approach, the only universal valuation methodology.

There has truly never been anything like PVX.

  • If you are experienced with fractional interests, PVX will enhance and expand your capabilities.

  • If you are a business valuer or real property appraiser, PVX will make it easy for you to become proficient in this niche practice.

  • PVX offers enhanced capabilities, guides you to ask the right questions, and gives results

I have a lot more to say, of course. The book Valuing Fractional Interests in Real Estate 2.0 provides the supporting detail and authority for the entire valuation process. It is available hardbound and is also included as an e-book reference on the PVX site.

Please go to to try the software for yourself (14-day free trial). You will be glad you did.


Copyright © Dennis A. Webb, 2022, All rights reserved.

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